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The Youth Engagement Fund centers equity and wellness
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As trusted partners in your networks and communities, you (movement leaders and organizations) are often the first line of communication on COVID-19 related resources. Guided by our conversations and your recommendations, the YEF team curates a list of COVID-19 related resources and opportunities focused on 3 areas: fundraising, trainings, and wellness; and spotlighting 1 story to spark thought. 

The information on this page will be time relevant, which means it will only include links to currently active sources and open deadlines. This Knowledge Hub page will be updated regularly as new opportunities and information arise.

Last Updated On: September 15, 2020

Get That Money!

Funding Opportunities

Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People Grants

Led by a committee of Presbyterians and ecumenical partners dissatisfied with poverty and oppression, united in faith and action through sharing, confronting, and enabling by participating in the empowerment of economically poor, oppressed, and disadvantaged people, seeking to change the structures that perpetuate poverty, oppression and injustice. Partnerships are initiated by applications to the Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People (SDOP) and are evaluated using SDOP’s funding criteria and overarching SDOP program measures.The review process might take up to 6 months. Applications accepted on a rolling basis.


TD Charitable Foundation Grants

For the remainder of 2020, the TDCF plans to suspend its regular application calendar, and will accept applications on a rolling basis, with reviews taking place monthly until our 2020 allocation of funds is exhausted. Applications accepted on a rolling basis.


The COVID-19 Collective Fund for Trans Communities

Third Wave Fund, Borealis Philanthropy’s Fund for Trans Generations, and Destination Tomorrow’s TRANScend Community Impact Fund are announcing the launch of the COVID-19 Collective Fund for Trans Communities to get financial resources to trans-led organizations and transgender, gender nonconforming, and non-binary communities who are organizing in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Applications accepted on a rolling basis until funds are available. 


Southern Partners Fund — Justice Fund for Disaster Relief and Renewal

SPF’s disaster fund grantees, small rural community organizations, form a vital part of emergency management systems in SPF’s 12-state region. SPF’s geographical focus includes twelve southeastern states, (AL, AK, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA, and WV). Applications accepted on a rolling basis.


Emergent Fund: The People’s Bailout

We are focusing our grantmaking on organizations that (1) are mobilizing to respond to the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable communities; (2) are utilizing power-building strategies including but not limited to digital organizing, membership development and outreach, narrative development, direct action; and (3) are led by communities of color. Check back here in the coming months to see revisions and updates to our processes as the pandemic evolves. Applications accepted on a rolling basis.


Emergency Funds to Undocumented Students 

List of Colleges Providing Covid19 by My UndocuLife. 

Power Up!

Trainings + Tools

Black National Convention

The Movement for Black Lives has launched a Freedom Summer 2020 Organizing Campaign and it’s hosting its Black National Convention for Building Power and Policy in Defense of black which will be live online on August 28 at 7 pm EST. 


Netroots Nation

Netroots Nation is the largest annual conference for progressives in the US. This year, the conference is being hosted fully online from August 13 to August 15. Registration tickets range from $75.00 to $245.00 plus processing fees. 


Building the Future for Racial Equity: Call for Abstracts

We are calling for abstracts that assess trends and identify opportunities that will impact Black people and communities of colour over the next 10 to 20 years. We’re inviting scholars, activists, artists and practitioners to join us in imagining a racially just future and determining the steps needed to get there. A selection of these abstracts will be commissioned into longer papers for publication to inform our and other leaders’ work to advance racial justice and equity.  Deadline for Submissions August 15, 2020.


Build Power Fight Power

A five part FREE OF COST course on Movement Lawyering organized by the Movement Law Lab. The five interactive online sessions running from July 8 to September 11, 2020. Registration open until September 11, 2020.


The Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellowship

The inaugural Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellowship takes place from October 25, 2020 to October 24, 2021 in various locations in Europe, the United States and the virtual world. The fellowship welcomes applications from leaders in all member states of the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States. Applications are open until August 2, 2020.


The Nathan Cummins Foundation Fellowship

NCF Fellows are bold leaders with visionary ideas to create a more just, vibrant, sustainable, and democratic society. Each fellow will receive up to $150,000 and 18 months to turn an inspired idea in the field of social justice into a reality. Applications Due September 1, 2020.


Management Center Resources

Getting through our jobs in the midst of COVID-19 and the pervasive reality of systemic racism and state-sanctioned violence against Black people is hard. The management center is offering online resources and opportunities for online discussion with others who are learning how to manage through these times. Course fees range from $200 to $350.


Training for Change

All workshops are rooted in Training for Change’s Direct Education approach. Trainers center the group, building upon dynamics in the room and participants’ own expe

rience to introduce new content and help the group access their own wisdom. Workshop costs $35 – $200, sliding scale based on income. 

  • Training for Social Action Trainers (TSAT)
  • Facilitating Online Meetings
  • Webinario Gratuito: Tips basicos para facilitar en linea
  • Como facilitar talleres en linea de manera efectiva


Virtual Lab

The Nonprofit Learning Lab has set up a virtual lab with the following trainings at a cost is FREE to members and $50 for non-members.


Online Facilitation Resources

Jaime-Jin Lewis, a freelance facilitator grappling with how (and if) to deliver engaging, participatory online experiences, has designed a set of activities and tools to inspire reflection, collaboration, and growth in online meeting spaces.



A list of actions and resources for solidarity with our Black trans women.


BLM Instructional Library for Children

List of E-books for children by Black Lives Matters that includes books on activism and advocacy, self-love and empowerment, and Black history.

A resource hub about ending violence. Created by Mariame Kaba and designed by LuDesign Studio, the site includes selected articles, audio-visual resources, curricula, and more. 


How to Manage When Things Are Not Okay (And Haven’t Been For Centuries)

The Management Center has put together their best thinking for organizations to support their staff at a time when things are not okay (and haven’t been for a long time).


Caring Across Distance: Some Things to Consider Before Movement Gatherings During COVID-19 A guide to help your organization figure out whether or not you should cancel an upcoming gathering, conference, party, or other in-person event. By Maryse Mitchell-Brody.


Surveillance Self-defense

Tips, tools and how-tos for safer online communications a project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


Power Labs Resource Guide

Resources for organizers, campaigners and digital strategists to respond to coronavirus


Social Justice Resources for COVID-19 Response

Irresistible is responding with timely perspectives from the frontlines in their podcast, as well as a new weekly support space called Care Circle. 


Nonprofit Leaders COVID-19 Crisis Advisory

The Nonprofit Leaders COVID-19 Crisis Advisory is providing 45-minute coaching and advisory sessions for nonprofit leaders as they guide their organizations’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


13 Zoom Video Chat tips, tricks and hidden features

Learn to change your background, your audio and video settings, and how to share your screen.


Infographic for Zoom Meeting Settings


7 Tips for Managing Virtual Meetings with Care during a Pandemic

Take Care

Healing + Wellness



How to Find a Therapist During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Other Mental Health Options

Getting mental health care can be complicated, but help is available. By Sammy Nickalls, Teen Vogue.


Bors Lawrence Henson Foundation’s COVID-19 Free Virtual Therapy Support

The COVID-19 Free Virtual Therapy Support campaign was developed to cover the cost for virtual or tele-therapy services by licensed, culturally competent clinicians in our network for up to five (5) sessions. 


#DestressInPlace Community Care Supports

Trauma Response & Crisis Care (TRACC) for Movements is offering 1-1 Virtual Care, Interactive Webinars, and Practice Groups Opportunities. No cost offerings.


Mutual Aid Mourning and Healing Request for Support

A group of Chicago-based organizers is gathering a list of clergy members, death midwives/doulas, therapists, social workers, and healers who can offer support by phone or video conference to community members who had someone close to them pass away. Offerings based upon completion of application.


Black Virtual Therapist Network

BEAM has started an online directory of licensed Black therapists who are certified to provide telemental health services.


Social Justice Healing

Grounding skills to manage stress and remote online therapy sessions available.




Immigrants Rising Wellness Gatherings

Immigrants Rising’s virtual Wellness Gatherings help undocumented young people stay grounded and connected to one another. Led by Liliana Campos, Immigrants Rising’s Mental Health Advocate, these virtual gatherings convene experienced facilitators—psychologists, coaches, traditional healers—to guide undocumented young people through educational materials and interactive activities. Every Wednesday at 5 pm PST.




Self-Care Summer Women Of Color Digital Art Contest

Calling all creative Women of Color (Black, Indigenous and Women of Color). Enter your submission here for a chance to have your digital artwork be featured on the cover of the inaugural Self-Care Stories of Women of Color eBook and win a $300 cash prize.


The Four Bodies

A Holistic Toolkit for Coping With Racial Trauma. Medium article written by Nappy Head Club, a community of healing for the Black and under-represented that explores the reclamation of their Black identity.


Healing Resources for BIPOC Organizers & Allies Taking Action for Black Lives

Irresistible has put together a list of healing resources for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) organizers and allies based on their Sustaining Ourselves When Confronting Violence podcast.


44 Mental Health Resources for Black People Trying to Survive in This Country

A list of forty-four mental health resources for Black people including people, brands, collectives, and organizations to follow. By Zahra Barnes, Self.


Self-Care Tips for Black People Who Are Struggling With This Very Painful Week

If images of Black suffering have left you feeling sad and angry and overwhelmed, here are some things you might do to get a tiny bit of relief. By Rachel Miller, Vice.


Healthcare access for Undocumented Folks in the Time of COVID19

United We Dream has put together this healthcare access guide for undocumented people listed by state.


Mental Health: How and Where to Find Affordable Resources

Navigating the healthcare system to find mental health care can be difficult. Here are some tools and resources to get started. 


Tools for Dealing Anxiety

List of resources from the Center for Sexual & Traumatic Stress to help deal with anxiety.


Tips for supporting Someone during Panic Attack

List of how you can support a college or loved one during a panic attack.


Herbal Resilience Guide 

Herbal Guide to Collective Protection and Healing During COVID-19 from Plant Stories, Plant stories from Lakota & Dakota territory.


99Rootz Self Care Rituals for Social Distancing

A guide to help you be intentional about making space & time for daily self care rituals.

Color Outside The Lines

Stories for Thought

Poll: Young People Believe they Can Lead Change in Unprecedented Election Cycle

A CIRCLE survey of young people shows that youth engagement is higher than in 2016 and 2018, but access to information about registration and voting in an election during the pandemic may be an issue.


A New World is Possible: Defund Police and Fund Black Lives

Co-written by Highlander Co-Executive Director Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson and Kayla Reed, Executive Director of Action St. Louis, published in Essence Magazine.


How to Get Involved in Local Politics

Even if you don’t want to run for office, there are still key ways to make a difference in your community. By  Rachel Epstein and Megan DiTrolio, Marie Claire.


The Reckoning Will Be Incomplete Without Black Women and Girls

The nationwide outcry against systemic racism almost always centers men and boys.

By Tamara Winfrey-Harris, The Atlantic.